Reefsicle Vacation Pack – Euro Mount


Vacation Reefsicle feeding system with Euro mount.  Includes 2 silicone thawing chambers with acrylic shells, 2 Reefsicle ice molds, 8 Reefsicle sticks and a standard cast-acrylic aquarium mount with integrated feeding ring.

SKU: 006

Product Description

This is the vacation Reefsicle feeding system with Euro mount.  The vacation pack includes everything that the standard pack comes with and includes an additional thawing chamber (save $20 over purchasing separate).  This allows you to always keep one thawing chamber in the freezer at all times, so when the fish sitter comes by once a day he/she can swap out the thawing chambers and install a fresh Reefsicle.  Or, you can use the additional thawing chamber to setup 2 feedings daily, providing over 16 hours of feeding time or night feedings.


2 Silicone thawing chambers with insulating acrylic shell – always have a frozen thawing chamber ready to go.

2 Reefsicle ice molds (to prepare 8 Reefsicles ahead of time)

8 Reefsicle sticks

1 Cast-acrylic Euro aquarium mount with integrated feeding ring.

The ice molds are made from injection molded soft, food-safe silicone.  The system comes with two ice mold trays, enough to prepare 8 days of food.  The aquarium mount is hand-built in Tampa Florida, made from cell-cast acrylic and flame polished.  The thawing chamber is made from injection molded food-safe silicone and the shell is extruded acrylic tube.  All materials are inert and high quality.  Intended to last several years.

Additional Information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 8 in