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2 in 1 Algae Scrubber / Filter Roller

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Please note that this product is made-to-order currently. We plan to order bulk production later in 2022.  Each device is machined and hand-assembled in Florida.  Allow 4 weeks for production.  


This is our patent pending 2 in 1 algae scrubber / auto filter roller.  It combines the convenience of an automatic filter roller filtration for mechanical filtration with the efficiency of a turf algae scrubber for biological filtration.  It allows for weeks or months of hands-free operation.  Using a high quality, 50 micron filter fleece, the fleece performs double duty.  It captures particulates from the water column, and also catches any dead or fallen algae that happen to fall of the algae grow plates.

Aquarium Size

Designed for aquariums 100-200 US Gallons. Fits easily in 40 breeder sumps and 20 gallon high sumps with some planning.

Shipping & Returns

Products are shipped quickly using Amazon fulfillment centers. Returns only accepted for unused products. We offer great customer support, please contact us with any issues.


Ultra Low Maintenance

Over 30 meters in length, the filter fleece will last weeks or months. The algae scrubber empties direclty into filter fleece so that any dead or fallen algae is captured by the filter

High Quality. Durable.

Components are cut with CNC and laser and hand-assembled by expert craftsmen. 5-6mm cast acrylic will last years. DC motor is enclosed in waterproof housing.

Better Lighting

Our light is a full-spectrum grow light. It is IP67 waterproof rated. The isolated driver means high voltage AC never gets near the aquarium. The power supply is industry-standard Meanwell brand and is waterproof. Oversized anodized aluminum heat sink means light never will overheat and will last years.

Flexible Installation

The filter comes in 2 parts, making it easier to get into the sump area. Stand-alone design means the legs sit on the bottom of the sump. 1 inch schedule 40 input pipe makes installation easier. Included gate valves means the hard plumbing work is done for you.

Video Introduction

Product Assembly Video