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Smarter Reefs

Smarter Reefs All In One Filtration System

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Welcome to next-gen reefing!  This is our all-in-one filter.  It includes a patent pending Smarter Reefs 150 self-cleaning protein skimmer.  The protein skimmer is ready to ship from the warehouse.  The protein skimmer connects directly to our patent pending 2 in 1 Algae Scrubber / Roller Mat which ships in separate packages. You're getting an all in one reef aquarium filter with a small footprint.  Gone are the days of messy sumps that are a pain to clean.  Take a look at the product pages for the protein skimmer and 2 in 1 units for all the details and features of each product.   Currently the 2 in 1 is made-to-order.  Please allow 6-8 weeks for production and delivery.  We are working on bulk production but currently inventory is limited.  The AIO includes a special roller mechanism that allows a rigid connection between the skimmer and roller mat/scrubber and provides a path for the fleece to travel between the skimmer and the 2 in 1.  If you purchase the products separately you will not get the special roller mechanism to connect the 2 but you can purchase it separately.

Includes Self-Cleaning Protein Skimmer

A core feature of the AIO filter is our innovative self-cleaning protein skimmer roller. It functions as a protein skimmer but does not have a cup or neck to clean! The fleece wipes the scum away giving you more time to enjoy your reef aquarium.

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Includes Roller Mat Filter

The AIO features a fully featured roller mat. 2x 1 inch inlets allow multiple plumbing arragements. The top inlet can function as an overflow if you ever need to bypass the roller mat. We use a washable and reusable 50 micron fleece that can last several uses. The mechanical float swith is very reliable and a relay will turn the motor off preventing unwanted fleece runaway. The roller mat is mounted directly underneath our innovative turf algae scrubber and is easy to setup and maintain.

Includes Turf Algae Scrubber

Our turf algae scubber has several innovations. It is mounted above our roller mat, so any algae that falls off is captured by the fleece. The rigid grow plates can be removed with 2 fingers without the need to turn off any valves. The full spectrum grow LED uses modern, efficient spectrum and features a fanless, silent, ultra thin profile heat sink. Optional controllable DC pump makes installation a breeze. Features minimal light spill and near silent operation.

Works with Cade

Shown is a Cade 90 S2 Sump. The AIO will fit snugly into the large front area. Wondering if it will fit your system? Chat with us and we will help you.