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Smarter Reefs

Smarter Reefs Fleece Beast All In One Filtration

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Welcome to next-gen reefing!  This is our all-in-one filter.  It includes a patent pending Smarter Reefs 150 self-cleaning protein skimmer.  The protein skimmer is ready to ship from the warehouse.  The protein skimmer connects directly to our patent pending 2 in 1 Algae Scrubber / Roller Mat which ships in separate packages. You're getting an all in one filter with a small footprint.  Gone are the days of messy sumps that are a pain to clean.  See individual product pages for the protein skimmer and 2 in 1 units for all the details and features.   Currently the 2 in 1 is made-to-order.  Please allow 6-8 weeks for production and delivery.  We are working on bulk production but currently inventory is limited.  The Fleece Beast also comes with a special roller mechanism that allows the fleece to travel between the skimmer and the 2 in 1.  If you purchase the products separately you will not get the special roller mechanism to connect the 2 but you can purchase it separately.