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Smarter Reefs

2 in 1 Auto Roller Mat / Auto Protein Skimmer

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Welcome to our newest product! It replaces both your protein skimmer and auto roller mat In one small footprint, it is super easy to set up and change the fleece. The only routine maintenance is changing the fleece once its exhausted.  It features our 4000 L per hour DC controllable skimmer pump. The roller mat is rated for aquariums up to 150 gallons with flow rates over 600 GPH.

it replaces two pieces of equipment. It’s made of high-quality materials and assembled in the USA. It completely eliminates the need to clean a skimmer cup. The oversized pump provides improved gas exchange. The fleece is washable and refillable with our special Optional respooling tool.

The filter accepts 2x 1” schedule 40 PVC inlets.  Alternatively, you do not have to plumb it, and the skimmer pump will power the roller mat!  How is that for ultimate in convenience!  It's the only roller mat that does not require plumbing!

The unit when assembled is 10.5"L x 7.5"W x 25"H so you want to have around 11" x 8" at the bare minimum. The 1.5" motor and emergency drain will stick out beyond that but they at an elevated level above the sump level, so you can usually plumb it back into the sump using connector fittings.  The product should fit into most skimmer chambers, but contact us with any questions.

There is an additional 1 inch bulkhead that you can plumb as you wish into the filter, for example a secondary drain or algae scrubber drain.

The new quick-change motor adapters allow easy and rapid fleece changes.  The fleece is washable and respoolable with our patient pending fleece respooling tool.  The fleece is a 50 micron mesh.