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Reefsicle Feeding System

Patent Pending Frozen Fish Food Dispenser. Slowly dispenses frozen food into aquarium over about 8 hours. Ideal for seahorse, anthias, fish breeding, larval rearing and more!

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Make your reefing life easier and smarter

Our products improve your reefing experience. Our new filtration devices are self-cleaning and require minimal maintenance. Our frozen fish food dispenser slowly drips food into your reef throughout the day. All our products are utility patent pending.

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Reefsicle Frozen Food Dispenser

Ideal for seahorse, anthias, or other reef fish who require frequent frozen food feedings, our patent pending Reefsicle feeding system slowly drips food into the aquarium over about 8 hours. Special thawing chamber holds ice and controls the rate and direction of thawing. Slowly drip frozen mysis, baby brine shrimp, coral food or other foods into your tank throughout the day.

Reefsicle Accessories

Need extra mount, thawing chamber, ice molds or sticks?

Reefsicle Accessories