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Reefsicle Extra Thawing Chamber/Shell

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The thawing chamber holds the Reefsicles (fish food popsicles) and allows the popsicle to thaw and drop food into the aquarium slowly and steadily.   Intended only to be used with Starter or Pro Pack setups.  If you already have the Reefsicle Starter or Pro Pack, then an extra chamber may be useful.

Includes arcylic shell, silicone thawing chamber and silicone lid

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Smarter Feeding

The Reefsicle Frozen Food Feeder is a novel, patent-pending product that slowly dispenses a portioned amount of freshly thawed frozen fish food to your reef aquarium throughout the day.  Why is this important?  Many fish in reef aquariums have small stomachs and naturally graze on small amounts food throughout the day.  Most aquarists feed their saltwater fish once or twice daily, and this is not natural nor ideal.  Existing automated feeders dispense prepared pellet or flake food which have inferior nutritional benefits to fresh food.

Healthy Popsicles

The system starts by making healthy popsicles for your fish (Reefsicles).  Reefsicles are made using a soft silicone ice tray and special designed sticks (similar to popsicle sticks).  Any type of frozen food can be used, examples are mysis shrimp, brine shrimp, cut piece of fish, but the list goes on.

Easy To Use

After the Reefsicle ice mold and contents have been frozen, the tray will contain 4 Reefsicles that are ready for use.  Each day, one Reefsicle will be mounted over the aquarium by removing one Reefsicle from the tray and installing into the thawing chamber.  The thawing chamber is placed onto the aquarium mount.  Over about 6-8 hours, the popsicle will slowly melt and drop food into the aquarium.

Flexible Mounting Options

The product is about 6 inches tall, so you will need to think about how to mount it over your aquarium. We carry both standard/rimless mounts and euro braced mounts.

Some customers have mounted onto the sump above return pump, so the food will be pumped into the aquarium.

Product Overview

Product Uses

Ideal For Most Reef Fish

Most reef fish have small stomachs and naturally graze on the reef.  The Reefsicle slowly releases small amounts of food over several hours, ideal for most reef fish.  Specific use cases include the keeping of advanced reef fish such as tangs, wrasses, butterflyfish and anthias.  However, most small reef fish prefer to graze on small amounts of food, so the Reefsicle feeding system can benefit most reef aquariums.


Seahorses also have small stomachs and a rudimentary gastrointestinal system.  They are required to feed almost constantly, which is a main challenge in keeping seahorses successfully.  A favorite food of seahorses is mysis shrimp, which are perfect foods to be used in the Reefsicle feeding system.  The Reefsicle makes caring for seahorses much easier.  Set it up in the morning and you’re good to go!  Also consider setting up a second unit after the fist one has melted to provide 12-16 hours of feeding time for your seahorses.

Marine Fish Breeding – Broodstock

Getting brood stock into top health is essential to produce quality eggs.  Producing quality eggs for most marine fish requires feeding high quality ingredients several times per day.  This creates a lot of workload for the home breeder.  The Reefsicle will feed your fish for you, freeing up your day to do other tasks.

Marine Fish Breeding – Raising Fry

As soon as you can get your fish fry to eat frozen food, the Reefsicle can make caring for the fry much easier.  Fry require several feedings daily to maintain a constant food supply.  The Reefsicle can dispense frozen newly hatched brine shrimp, frozen copepods and other frozen foods suitable for fry.

Nocturnal Feeding

Want to keep nocturnal fish or have corals that feed at night?  The Reefsicle can be setup in the evening and will dispense food or supplements throughout the night hours.  Some corals prefer to feed at night as well as some fish.  Keeping these animals becomes much easier if you can slowly dose food or supplements while you are sleeping.

Large Reef Tanks

Have a large reef tank with territorial ravenous fish?  Setup 2 or more Reefsicles above your tank in different locations and create different feeding stations.  Your large fish can only be in one place at a time and this will allow your smaller and less aggressive livestock to have their fair share of feeding.

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