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Self-Cleaning Protein Skimmer 150

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Welcome to the patent-pending automatic self-cleaning protein skimmer!  The novel rectangular design completely eliminates the skimmer cup and neck.  The skimmate/ gunk accumulation zone has a fully automated, digitally-controlled self-cleaning motor assembly.  The motor turns on once daily and the filter fleece captures the gunk and wipes the skimmer walls clean.  A large PVC drain at the top allows the liquid skimmate to be collected into a large (not included) reservoir.  If you are sick of skimmer maintenance, this is for you!

Designed for systems up to 200 gallons.  With the space-saving design, larger systems can have multiple adjacent units inside the sump.  Contact us for sizing or space considerations.


Pump: Controllable DC 45W 4000L/Hr Pump

Air Draw: 1500 L / Hr max

Ratings: 200 gallon heavy stocked reef

Footprint: 8.5" x 4.5"

Materials: Cast-Acrylic

Self Cleaning Motor: 12V, 3 RPM DC Motor

Powerful and Quiet DC Pump

Our controllable brushless DC pump is powerful and quiet. Includes 40W UL-certified power supply, venturi-connector and bubble diffuisng chamber. Controller features include delayed-start (3 mins) and feed mode (15 mins).

Automatic Self-Cleaning

The top asssembly holds a roll of filter fleece, and the digitally controlled motor turns on and rotates once daily. The skimmate / scum accumulates on the filter fleece, and the filter fleece wipes the inner skimmer walls clean. Periodically, the dirty roll is discarded and replaced with a clean roll. Rolls last 3 months or more.

Ultra Low Maintenance

Filter fleece will last 3 month or more, depending on how you set the motor controller. Available large reservoir holds over 1 gallon of liquid skimmate. You can easily go months without having to touch the skimmer. Never mess with a skimmer cup and neck again!

For 100-200 Gallon Aquariums

The powerful DC pump and space-saving design means the skimmer can clean a heavily stocked 100 gallon (400L) aquarium or a more lightly stocked 200 gallon (800L) aquarium.

Will it Fit?

Fits easily in 40 Breeder sumps. Fits in 20H sumps with some planning. Requires about 28-30 inches vertical height under aquarium stand for maintenance.

Printable Sizing Sheet

Print the paper and cut it out to test sizing in your own setup

Top Down View of Self Cleaning Assembly

The self cleaning assembly requires about 10" x 10"

Fits in Most Skimmer Chambers

Shown is rendering of Waterbox Reef 100.3 sump. Contact us for custom renders or sizing questions.